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The following questionnaire regarding specific physical and behavioral signs of drug and alcohol use will help you determine whether your teen or young adult is using drugs. A simple yes or no for each question will suffice, and your first impressions are generally the best. When you schedule an assessment, please print out one for each parent, answer, and bring to your appointment.

Call us at (415) 945-0923 or email to make an appointment.

Yes___ No___ 1. Do you notice a change in your young person's sleeping patterns?
(Alcohol and drug use disrupt normal sleeping patterns.)
Yes___ No___ 2. Does he or she have a persistent runny nose, bloodshot eyes, coughing, wheezing?
(Cocaine use causes a runny nose. Marijuana use causes coughing, wheezing, bloodshot eyes.)
Yes___ No___ 3. Does he or she demonstrate slurred or agitated speech?
(Unusual speech patterns are a strong indicator of alcohol and drug use.)
Yes___ No___ 4. Is his or her academic or work performance diminishing? Do outside activities no longer hold interest?
(Drugs and alcohol use displace healthy, functional habits and interfere with normal social patterns.)
Yes___ No___ 5. Is your teen or young adult furtive or secretive about his or her behavior? Does he or she insist on a locked bedroom?
(Young people with a drug or alcohol problem will attempt to hide evidence of their use.)
Yes___ No___ 6. Do you notice a change in his or her friends or peer group?
(A young person who is having drug or alcohol problems will pursue relationships with people who share the same attitudes and habits.)
Yes___ No___ 7. Does your teen or young adult demonstrate a lack of interest in personal appearance or hygiene?
(Young people who are abusing drugs or alcohol may not notice their appearance, not realizing the physical changes that occur.)
Yes___ No___ 8. Do you notice an unusual smell on clothing or breath?
(Alcohol, nicotine, and marijuana use is detectable on the breath, skin, and clothes after use.)
Yes___ No___ 9. Have you noticed an increase in the amount of money your young person is borrowing? Are you missing money or valuables?
(A young person's drug or alcohol use tends to increase and become more expensive. At some point, the craving for drugs is more intense than healthy remorse about stealing from loved ones.)
Yes___ No___ 10. Have you found unaccounted for cash belonging to your teen or young adult?
(This is a possible sign he or she is dealing drugs.)
Yes___ No___ 11. Do you notice a change in the way your young person expresses himself or herself? Does he or she seem emotionally unstable, hyperactive, or hyper-aggressive?
(Drugs and alcohol abuse cause radical and distinct changes in personality.)
Yes___ No___ 12. Is your young person adult hostile when confronted with concerns about possible drug or alcohol use? Does he or she simply refuse to cooperate with your inquiry?
(An abuser will tend to avoid discussion and deny drug use for fear of being discovered.)
Yes___ No___ 13. Do you catch your teen or young adult lying?
(Lying to cover up becomes second nature to an abuser.)
Yes___ No___ 14. Does your young person refuse to do chores or miss curfew regularly?
(Drug or alcohol abuse disrupts a young person's sense of responsibility and participation in family life.)
Yes___ No___ 15. Is he or she creating a chaotic and hostile environment in the home?
(Abusers can be so deeply affected by their chemical addiction that they can no longer act in their own best interests. The addiction acts on behalf of the person, causing him or her to act unruly, unmanageable, and unapproachable.)
Yes___ No___ 16. Does your young person frequently appear to be depressed, fatigued or sleepy?
(Drug or alcohol abuse affects a young person's energy level, causing him or her to feel wiped out.)
Yes___ No___ 17. Is there a history of substance abuse in the genetic family tree? Is there any alcoholism or drug addiction (including nicotine) in your extended family?
(There is a strong correlation between experimentation progressing into dependency if there is a family history of substance usage.)
Next Steps
Giving more than one "yes" answers indicates the possibility that your young person's substance use is progressing, and that counseling and possibly drug treatment may be necessary. Consider scheduling an assessment as soon as possible to learn more.

Call us at (415) 945-0923 or email if you have any questions, or to make an appointment.

Larry Fritzlan Recovery Services is dedicated to helping restore people of all ages to health and well-being.
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