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“There was no greater horror and humiliation for me than to come to admit that my son was a drug addict..." 

These are, of course, natural feelings when a family faces the fact that their loved one needs help overcoming an addiction. Fortunately, help is available. And there is no shame in asking for what you need to save your loved one's life.

There is also no greater joy than seeing a family come together and become a group of healthy individuals. So that ultimately they can say, as one mother has said, "Hope is a wonderful thing. Success and joy are even better things."

We hope you draw validation and inspiration from these families' experiences. You are not alone.

adolescent success stories
"My son has been sober and thriving for 15 years, he was 17 when I landed with him in Larry Fritzlan's office. His treatment is brilliant and compassionate and focuses on the whole family to treat addiction and codependency.  The result has been a sustainable healthy lifestyle for my son as well as me.   I have referred my closest friends and their families to Larry over the years and each of them echoes my profound trust and gratitude for the  treatment Larry has created.  I have also worked in the field of addiction for years and with no hesitation I can say his work is among the most outstanding and effective in the field."
— (Nita Gage, DSPS, MA, ICSAC, Executive Director, Integrative Medicine Consortium, and Founder and Director, Healer Within Retreats)


"There was no greater horror and humiliation for me than to come to admit that my son was a drug addict. ...I believed I should have been able to prevent the disease in my son. I feared that I would be blamed and shamed, as is sometimes the reality when parents take their teens for help...."

"Larry Fritzlan is an angel who sat on the shoulder of my family during our most difficult years. Our family unit consisted of a single mom, an alcoholic, absent ex-husband, and 3 teens, one a serious alcoholic/drug addict with underlying bipolar disorder.

"Larry and Larry Fritzlan Recovery Services never wavered in the belief that we could and would get through this, that we could all ultimately be grateful for the opportunity which these dreadful circumstances brought us to. That is, the opportunity to realize our importance to one another and to be grateful for each day we could spend learning how to appreciate each other more fully.

"That is, of course, not how we viewed it in the beginning, when I spent most of my days driving around, calling Larry for reassurance and more innovative ideas. Larry was always quickly available, ever-reminding me that none of us was going to die in the process of learning and practicing clear communication, boundaries and consequences. And, in fact, noting that NOT doing these things could result in suicide in my eldest, the 'identified patient/presenting problem.'

"Larry Fritzlan Recovery Services also clearly advocated COMPLETE family involvement where possible. Our 'identified patient' has truly turned out to be a gift to each of us. We could have had a mediocre family experience over the years or this incredibly intense but ultimately rewarding one. Of course, it is not all perfect; but my now-adult children and I still laugh about some of the moments during those years – like when my car trunk was full of stereos, telephones, TVs, CD players, etc., which had been temporarily confiscated by THE MOM to encourage cooperation in the process (such as attending family therapy sessions with Larry).

"From my perspective, the most valuable times were when we worked with Larry as a family, treading where I would never have dared alone. His skill brought us safely through each and every time we hung in there!

"I have several beliefs at this point in my life – (1) Never ever try to do this alone – it is like a bunch of fish on dry land trying to breathe and talk at the same time in a foreign language. (2) Stay as close as you can to a 12-Step support system which will continue for you after Larry steps aside. (3) ALWAYS involve the whole family unit – otherwise the 'identified patient' continues to be reinfected by the members of his or her family who always share some aspect of the dis-ease process.

"HOPE is a wonderful thing. SUCCESS and JOY are even better things."

— Mary H., MBA, Mother


Larry Fritzlan and his Adolescent Recovery Services Program have been the cornerstone for my son's recovery from addiction to marijuana. Larry has been a mentor to my son, teaching him how to lead a productive and happy, sober life. He became the strong male role model that was missing in my son's life. "Larry helped me to see how my role as a parent contributed to my son's addictions and coached me to set reasonable boundaries and be more effective in my parenting skills. "I am forever grateful for what Larry and Larry Fritzlan Recovery Services have done to help us become a healthy family made up of healthy individuals. If we hadn't found Larry's program, my son would have been sent away to a lock-down therapeutic boarding school because I had run out of options. Thankfully that was not the case."
— Julie R., Mother


young adult success stories
“I came to Larry Fritzlan as a 16-year-old girl with major behavioral issues and drug-abusing habits, and with parents that were enabling and co-dependent. Less than a year later, Larry sent me to Second Nature Wilderness Program where I learned the value of life, recovery, and self-awareness. Upon returning home, I learned that my family had been doing their own work with Larry’s team as well, which to this day has kept me as sober as any AA or NA meeting. By my parents’ focusing on their own recovery and being continuously educated on the disease of addiction and co-dependency, I was able to start my adulthood by taking care of myself without having to rely on the help or enabling of my parents. Since the time that Larry Fritzlan helped my parents send me to treatment, I have not taken a drink or used a drug. I thank my parents every day for making that decision for me when I was too sick in my addiction to make it for myself. Today I work at a treatment facility for substance abuse as the business office manager and go to school full time as a psychology major with hopes of becoming an addiction counselor. Without the help of Larry Fritzlan and his team, I would not be sober, I would not have a career as a 20-year old, and chances are, I probably wouldn’t be alive. Thank you Larry Fritzlan and your team for showing me a better way of living and for allowing me to take a second chance at life!”"
— Camille H., age 20


"Larry Fritzlan and his staff were a vital part of my daughter’s recovery. Larry's unique approach of treating the addict/ codependent family system provided the structure, the guidance and the accountability for success. My daughter is 3 1/2 years clean and sober and attending college (With a 4.0 GPA!). I am also in recovery from my codependent behavior, allowing my daughter to make adult decisions and living with her consequences. I can highly recommend his proven successful therapeutic treatment program."
— C.W., Mother of a daughter who came to us from Second Nature in 2011

"Our family sought the help of Larry Fritzlan Recovery Services at the point my older son was totally out of control. He was in trouble with the law, using substances, not doing well in school, and not taking responsibility for his behavior no matter what the consequences..."

Our family sought the help of Larry Fritzlan Recovery Services at the point my older son was totally out of control. He was in trouble with the law, using substances, not doing well in school, and not taking responsibility for his behavior no matter what the consequences. I was a single parent with sole responsibility for two sons two years apart. I needed big help before I lost my son and he lost his life.

"Larry's motto of 'raising the bottom' was a calming mantra for me. Larry has the ability to identify the 'elephant in the middle of the room' and call it a name with all the family members together. At this point he facilitates in making next steps.

"Time with Larry and Larry Fritzlan Recovery Services was particularly important for my son's younger brother. The younger boy was able to learn to identify and articulate the feelings that came up around his brother's scary behavior.

"Today, my son is just finishing his second year of community college, and he is very motivated to have a good and contributing life. He can now reflect that his actions were attempts to get his absent father's attention. Landing in jail for 30 days allowed him to come face to face with this knowledge. He realized the actions were damaging himself and not his father. He can take responsibility for his actions, and at the same time look at the underlying motivation. And, the family unit is healthy. He has a good relationship once again with his younger brother."

C.B., Mother


“When my daughter was 9 weeks away from turning 18, I had real thoughts we might lose her. She was an addict and had several years of stunted mental and emotional growth because of drug use. I was going through a divorce at the time that made her crisis even more complicated. After several months working with Larry Fritzlan AND HIS TEAM together with my daughter, we were advised to send her to Second Nature immediately. Second Nature is an amazing resource for recovery located in the high desert of southern Utah. Second Nature was a good proactive start but the real work began after she returned to live in a recovery house and start her group and individual work with Larry Fritzlan and his team. It is important to note that our daughter was not the only one who needed to commit to a program -- her parents did as well. Her mother and I went to Al-anon meetings and to Larry's Family Group meetings and we found sponsors to take us through the 12 steps of recovery in Al-anon. This commitment we made as parents greatly helped heal the family, heal our daughter and heal myself. I cannot recommend Larry Fritzlan highly enough and the importance of the parents’ involvement in the program. This works, and we are all involved and we are all responsible.
— Thomas H. – father of a daughter who was 16 when she entered treatment a little over 3 years ago


“A little over a year ago, we engaged Larry Fritzlan and his program when we discovered that our bright and sensitive 20-year old was using heroin. He had been difficult to deal with for the previous two years, when all it seemed like we could do was fight over his chronic use of pot and other substances. When we discovered the heroin use, we contacted Larry in a real panic. Through Larry’s WHOLE FAMILY treatment program, we were able to watch our son get completely sober, and mature into a sensational young man. I revel every day in the adult relationship that we now enjoy with this sensational young man, and I give full credit to Larry’s work with him and Larry’s program and approach. This is not easy work; it took the WHOLE family working together with Larry’s help to understand everyone’s role in how we got where we were: addiction, codependency, and the fundamental breakdowns in the family system, including divorce and the associated issues that come with that. With Larry’s long-term program, consistently working with everyone in the family, we have been able to watch our son become an independent, functioning adult with superlative relationships with everyone in the family. I never thought that I would be able to enjoy our son the way I do, and relate to him and his mother as well as I do today. I used to watch advertisements on TV about “curing addiction” and simply did not believe that it could be accomplished; what I have learned with Larry’s program is that addiction is a family problem, and when you cure the family relationship issues, the addiction CAN be stopped.”
— Douglas D., father of 20-year-old son who is nearing the end of his first year in treatment

"Our daughter just celebrated 1000 days of sobriety, 6 months before her 21st birthday. Larry Fritzlan and his team helped save my daughter's life and were absolutely crucial to launch of her recovery. Our daughter's commitment to this program helped her maintain sobriety plus learn valuable life skills like responsibility and accountability for her behavior, owning her feelings and communicating them in family and relationship scenarios. Our daughter's success is based on our entire family doing our part in recovery and growth; which means unveiling where we as parents may be contributing to the problem. Larry's approach treats the entire family system and is a small price to pay for a lifetime of healthy communication and connection. This program helps all members, especially parents, navigate the rough waters of transitioning teenagers into adulthood and provides the language and skills parents need to apply in order to allow our children to take flight. Larry's Program addresses the entire family system and provides help to the teenager and the family surrounding the teenager. Through Larry's program and Alanon, I learned key parenting skills, namely allowing our daughter to live own journey, feel her own pain, make her own choices and feel her own consequences. But beyond, parenting, I learned about how was contributing to the problem and this awareness helped me change and build a lasting, healthy relationship with both our children."
— Anonymous


"Working with Larry provided me and my family a much needed safe space for honesty, consistency, and confrontation. His intentionally holistic and consistent approach working with me individually as well as working with my family was exactly what was needed to diagnose and directly address the issues within our family and the reasons for my extreme lack of self-care. Given the one-year minimum requirement for the program, it successfully gave us time to slowly but surely hash out these deep-rooted and neglected issues that were at the very root of the problem, to work through them, and to grow to become a more independent yet supportive family system."
— Client from 2008

from collaborating professionals
“As a therapist in this industry, I believe whole-heartedly in collaboration. We have to work together to help emerging adults dig in, soul search, struggle, and discover their greatness and ability to heal. In the last four years, I have worked in collaboration with Larry with six young adults, all of whom have had difficult but beautiful stories of success and continued growth. Larry’s style is direct and honest. I find that his clients consistently feel supported and empowered by him. Larry and his program stand out in that the program does not focus just on the identified patient but works diligently to treat the addictive, codependent family. Larry facilitates a process in which families learn to disentangle and differentiate. The young adult is allowed the opportunity to grow up and make his or her own mistakes without being rescued or shamed. His program is built to manage ups and downs and allows the client to face consequences and learn from them. Both the client and the family members are expected to get sponsors and attend regular 12-Step meetings. Larry is also willing to refer families and clients to other programs for specialized treatment if needed. This is how we have come to work together, and the collaboration has created a powerful and dynamic process. For me, this process has been incredibly effective and inspiring.”
— Lauren Roberts, Primary Therapist, Second Nature Wilderness Program


“I have worked with Larry and his treatment team as a collaborating therapist for many years. I have seen many people achieve full, ongoing, recovery after engaging with the direct, family-focused, 12-Step, clinical recovery approach that this team practices. The heart-felt commitment to honesty and responsibility is the essence of this program’s success. I have also witnessed Larry’s persistence, and his never-give-up, do-whatever-it-takes attitude has led to success with difficult cases. Larry and his team are unique and dedicated. I strongly recommend this program for all families with addiction.”
— Bill Arigi, LMFT, Former Clinical Director, Henry Ohlhoff Recovery Services


"Larry Fritzlan Recovery Services has a unique approach to 'raising the bottom' with substance abusing adolescents and their families; they're not afraid to hold parents accountable to set clear limits and consequences for their acting-out teens. Larry is passionate about getting teenagers assessed for abuse and dependency on all life-shortening substances, including nicotine. He draws a hard line about 'experimentation' vs. abuse, and is masterful at involving multiple support systems to fortify overwhelmed parents (i.e., Juvenile Probation, police and Twelve Step programs). His mission is to help kids get back on track developmentally, so they can continue their maturational process unimpaired. Because of Larry's tireless work in this field, there are many kids in Marin County who won't have to lose years of their lives to chemical dependency."
— Mary Beth McClure, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Larry Fritzlan Recovery Services is dedicated to helping restore people of all ages to health and well-being.
Call us today at (415) 945-0923.

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